South Africa's Premier CSI Project Management Team

Our service takes away the stress of having to manage multiple projects at once. We develop and manage the project budget for you, implement the programme, and take care of administrative issues, providing a seamless service from start to finish.

Based in Johannesburg, the GivenGroup Foundation helps corporate CSI divisions meet their obligations through the management of complex CSI projects.

The Given Group Foundation is the brainchild of CSRNEWS Africa, Africa’s premier CSI news and information platform. The Foundation was established to take on the many practical project management tasks associated with corporate social investment, and is a natural outflow from our years of CSI practice in its many diverse forms.

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Vision Meeting (VM)

Understanding our client’s vision is key to how we begin our project management planning.

Research & Concept Analysis

Based on our client’s vision, we conduct an environmental scan and comprehensive research on key concepts.

Project Planning

We plan and create the workflow of the project, laying the delivery framework.

Project Execution

A robust team, cultivated over a decade, meticulously executes the plan according to principles of best practice and years of experience.

What We Do

Exclusive services from theGivenGroup Foundation.

Project Management

We manage CSI-related projects and programmes from start to finish. We give our clients peace of mind, taking away the pain of managing budgets, suppliers, travel and daily operations.

Budget Management

CSI budgets can be complex, often requiring the awarding of 15 to 20 different contracts for a range of small suppliers. We take away the long, tedious process of managing suppliers and their invoices, taking this upon ourselves.

Programme Development

Some programmes need the expertise of a team of people who have been working in the CSI space for decades. Experience trumps passion any day. The GivenGroup Foundation combines a cool head, years’ of experience and a passion for our work.


In the process of project management, we consult with our clients regularly, keeping them abreast of every stage in the project. This way, there are no surprises. You are kept well informed throughout, so that you can report regularly to colleagues and your board.

Administrative Services

Good project managers will tell you that project management is administration-heavy. An excellently run project needs a team that knows not only how to keep all balls in the air simultaneously, but to keep a detailed log of the process for programme accountability.

Project Reporting

Project management would be nothing without a proper account of how things went, what we learned, where we could improve and what the company can use in the future. We see project reporting as a lot more than just a statistical record. We produce a comprehensive, concise report highlighting lessons learned and tips for the next project.


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